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ATS has a complete range of packaging lines able to satisfy any requirement for this task. ATS is able to supply bundling and stacking systems for long products rolling mills, packaging lines for cold finishing lines of bars (drawing, peeling, centerless grinding, Deformed Bars welding lines), stacking station for pipe and tube mills, coiling systems for wire rod and thin tube production.

ATS has the following main types of packaging lines:
  • Round bundling system for the service in hot rolling mills for round bars. This system can be equipped with sub-bundling forming pockets and wire ting machines, main bundling system with high speed tying, weighing and tagging, final collecting. ATS tying machines are well known on the market as the fastest machines of this type: they can perform a double turn in less than 7 sec.
  • Magnetic stacking stations for merchant bar mills. The high speed of these machines allow absorbing the high productivity of the up-stream rolling mill. Also this system can be completed by high speed tying, weighing and final storing of stacks.
  • Lance-type stacking system. This type of machine can handle either bars or tubes to form hexagonal and/or square stacks. The main characteristic of the machine is the soft handling of the final product to preserve its surface quality. The stacking unit is completed with strapping machines, wrapping systems with plastic or paper strips, final weighing and storing
  • Magnetic type stacking for heavy products. This type of staking systems are mainly use downstream of seamless pipe mills or for the stacking of heavy bars. They can form either hexagonal or square stack. The heavy and sturdy construction of all the equipment involved assures a long time operation without stops and free of maintenance.

All these lines are fully automatic and easy to set-up for a safe operation of the lines.



Successfully commissioned new Tying System for Sulb Company BSC Closed Heavy sections mill in Bahrein

New tying system for heavy sections has been commissioned in SULB Company BSC Closed heavy sections mill in Kingdom of Bahrein, it consist in a tying machine operated by wire installed next to the existing strapping machine to increase safety in material handling for transportation by ship.

The TMP 1100 tying machine is able to tie square stacks up to 1100 x 1100 mm, it has been supplied complete with automation, motorized loop recover system for the re – insertion of the wire into the coil basket to avoid dangerous loops during wire trailing around the stack and portable control pluggable switchboard for local manual operations.

Installation and commissioning of the machine has been executed in less than one week under supervision of one ATS specialist.

Together with ATS Customer Oriented Service, the aim of the Customer was to install a “turn on and forget” tailor made system that was fitting with the advantages of ATS tying machines:

  • Fast and reliable tying cycle
  • Full automatic operation integrated in the existing system
  • Standardized units and components with almost no-maintenance cost
  • Compact design for easy and fast installation in existing layouts




ATS S.p.A. has participated in annual exhibition Metal Expo Moscow 2017. It was the third time that the company took part in such an important event for steel industry. The exhibition fully met our expectations. Our professionals met with key customers from all over Russia and the CIS, summed up results of the year and made promising plans for 2018.  



ATS Finishing line

ATS has developed complete finishing area to be installed in South America. The area is equiped  with  TV Camera, contactless, high precision bar counter from the roller table at cold shear exit to the bundle collecting chain transfer, for bars up to 20 meters.


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