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By means of more than twelve years of experience in this field, ATS developed a new generation of grinding machines for the surface conditioning of slabs, ingots, blooms, billets, bars and hollow material.

ATS grinders can be applied for the surface reconditioning of any kind of material: engineering steel, stainless steel, titanium, super-alloys (Ni ad Cr), non-Fe metals.

ATS product scope includes all the sizes of grinding machines to cover the complete product range requested from the market: from the smallest grinding machine for bar conditioning equipped with 60 kW motor, to the grinding machine for hot carbon steel slabs equipped with 630 kW motor.

The main characteristics of our machines are the following:

  • High productivity with maximization of the yield of the line. Grinding with automatic pressure control system avoids any over-grinding of the product either for not-straight product and at product ends
  • Smooth operation in any environmental condition: ATS grinding system can grind cold, warm and hot (900 °C) products, in 90° and 45° wheel configuration.
  • Sturdy and heavy machine structures to avoid any system vibration and therefore increase the grinding wheel life.
  • Improved design solutions to either avoid or reduce the maintenance and spare parts cost

Grinding machines can be completed by all the auxiliary handling equipment and quality control systems in order to form a complete Inspection and conditioning line for slabs or blooms.

Automation system supervise the complete line assuring a high productivity, safe operation and quality certification of final product.

In addition to the standard equipment, ATS has developed also machines dedicated to special utilization:
  • Slab head grinding
  • Belt type grinders for steel heavy plates

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ATS Mechatronics supplies four Tying Machines TMB400 to Feralpi Stahl.

Besides mechanical equipment, ATS will also supply electrical and automation system, hydraulic circuit, auxiliary equipment. Currently, the implementation of the contract with Feralpi ESF Germany is at the stage of internal equipment testing and delivery is scheduled for the end of 2019 with subsequent commissioning within the first half of 2020.

This is the first test of the tying machines after the acquisition of ATS Mechatronics by Automazioni Industriali Capitanio. ATS Tying Machines have been designed in order to have the following advantages:
•     the fastest tying cycle available on the market: 6.8 seconds for a complete double turn tying;
•     smooth integration in rolling mill layouts due to optimized dimensions and complete supply of mechanical, media, electrical and automation systems;
•     heavy and sturdy machine minimize maintenance cost and reduce downtimes and production loss;

Based on our previous projects, such as with Riva Acciaio or Ferriere Nord Pittini group, our Tying Machines can be completed with several options that improve the performance and operation of the equipment.



AIC acquires the assets of ATS Applicazioni Tecnologica Siderurgiche S.p.A.

AIC acquires the assets of ATS Applicazioni Tecnologica Siderurgiche S.p.A.

On July 26, 2019, AIC Automazioni Industriali Capitanio has acquired ATS, Applicazioni Tecnologiche Siderurgiche S.p.A, a proved producer of machines for long product hot rolling mills, located in Trasaghis (UD) in Italy. The acquired assets include know-how, designs, brands, buildings, equipment and warehouses in addition to other strategic technical possessions.

Applicazioni Tecnologiche Siderurgiche s.r.l. has been operating since 1993. Over the years, the company has established itself as a service company for steel and rolled product manufactures around the world due to the production of machines with personalized settings based on individual customer needs. In particular, tying machines for bundles and packages have reached a very high level of customer satisfaction and become one of the leading products in the market.
The new entity will operate under the name “ATS Mechatronics s.r.l.” and will have its registered office in Via Chiavola, 10 - Zona Industriale - 33010 Trasaghis (UD), Italia.

For more information, please click on the link below.
The press release is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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Successfully commissioned new Tying System for Sulb Company BSC Closed Heavy sections mill in Bahrein

New tying system for heavy sections has been commissioned in SULB Company BSC Closed heavy sections mill in Kingdom of Bahrein, it consist in a tying machine operated by wire installed next to the existing strapping machine to increase safety in material handling for transportation by ship.

The TMP 1100 tying machine is able to tie square stacks up to 1100 x 1100 mm, it has been supplied complete with automation, motorized loop recover system for the re – insertion of the wire into the coil basket to avoid dangerous loops during wire trailing around the stack and portable control pluggable switchboard for local manual operations.

Installation and commissioning of the machine has been executed in less than one week under supervision of one ATS specialist.

Together with ATS Customer Oriented Service, the aim of the Customer was to install a “turn on and forget” tailor made system that was fitting with the advantages of ATS tying machines:

  • Fast and reliable tying cycle
  • Full automatic operation integrated in the existing system
  • Standardized units and components with almost no-maintenance cost
  • Compact design for easy and fast installation in existing layouts


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