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By means of more than twelve years of experience in this field, ATS developed a new generation of grinding machines for the surface conditioning of slabs, ingots, blooms, billets, bars and hollow material.

ATS grinders can be applied for the surface reconditioning of any kind of material: engineering steel, stainless steel, titanium, super-alloys (Ni ad Cr), non-Fe metals.

ATS product scope includes all the sizes of grinding machines to cover the complete product range requested from the market: from the smallest grinding machine for bar conditioning equipped with 60 kW motor, to the grinding machine for hot carbon steel slabs equipped with 630 kW motor.

The main characteristics of our machines are the following:

  • High productivity with maximization of the yield of the line. Grinding with automatic pressure control system avoids any over-grinding of the product either for not-straight product and at product ends
  • Smooth operation in any environmental condition: ATS grinding system can grind cold, warm and hot (900 °C) products, in 90° and 45° wheel configuration.
  • Sturdy and heavy machine structures to avoid any system vibration and therefore increase the grinding wheel life.
  • Improved design solutions to either avoid or reduce the maintenance and spare parts cost

Grinding machines can be completed by all the auxiliary handling equipment and quality control systems in order to form a complete Inspection and conditioning line for slabs or blooms.

Automation system supervise the complete line assuring a high productivity, safe operation and quality certification of final product.

In addition to the standard equipment, ATS has developed also machines dedicated to special utilization:
  • Slab head grinding
  • Belt type grinders for steel heavy plates

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ATS Finishing line

ATS has developed complete finishing area to be installed in South America. The area is equiped  with  TV Camera, contactless, high precision bar counter from the roller table at cold shear exit to the bundle collecting chain transfer, for bars up to 20 meters.



METEC 2015

Last week, all eyes were focused on the biggest exhibition for metal and steel industries. This year METEC has exposed a remarkable success, with nearly 80,000 visitors from more than 120 countries. ATS S.p.A participated in METEC for the first time, however, our expectations were exceeded. Only during first day of exhibition we have received more than 300 guests. In particular we were pleased about  the internationality of the visitors. Especially from the Asian region we have seen the great demand for our equipment  and machinery that corresponds current requirements of the industry regarding innovative technologies and saving of resources. On top of them were experts from India, China, Turkey and South Africa. Furthermore, we have received a very positive feedback from stand visitors, industry partners, other participants of the fair. METEC is like the Olympic games, taking place every 4 years, yet every time with tremendous results. See you all again in four years!




Between 25th and 28th of May, ATS has attended 2015 SEAISI Conference & Exhibition Manila, Philippines. Addressing more than 500 regional and international delegates from main worldwide industries participants, ATS delegate has presented a paper “Exact, No-Twist, Aligned”. The paper provided a clear solution for the improvement productivity of the Packaging area of the rolling mill. The presentation generated a great interest from the contestants of the conference and resulted in new networking opportunities and projects. This event has offered a great opportunity to learn and discuss key issues which contribute to greater efficiency and profitability of ATS business. We are looking forward to participate in new SEAISI Conference in the upcoming years. 



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